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Enansi Foot Butter with Eucalyptus 8oz
Enansi Foot Butter is simply delicious on your feet. Made with all natural ingredients of unrefined shea butter, aloe vera butter, sea kelp and eucalyptus oils. Enansi foot butter is easy to apply, moisturizes and soothes your feet.
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Enansi Ginger Foot Scrub with Unrefined Shea Butter 16oz
Enansi Ginger Foot Scrub is a must have for that feet beautiful. Made with all natural ingredients like unrefined shea butter, dead sea salt, raspberry oil and ginger oils, it not only takes care of the rough or dead skin but offers moisture at the same time. Feel that ginger freshness while scrubbing and massaging at the same time. Exfoliate, renew and refresh the skin around your feet, ankles and calf with Enansi Ginger Foot Scrub. When was the last time you gave your feet some love and attention? Especially when they get tired, ache and smell not so fresh.
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Enansi Green Tea Foot Bath Salt 32oz
Enansi Green Tea Foot Bath Salt will relax your tired and aching feet any day of the week. Made with Organic Grey Sea Salt, Green Tea & Lavender Blossoms & menthol. The essential oils from the Lavender Blossoms and the natural minerals from the Organic Grey Sea Salt will leave your feet warm and relaxed. Our foot bath salt does not contain chemicals or synthetic fragrances so you get the full benefit of the natural products as nature intended.
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Enansi Foot Set (Eucalyptus Foot Butter, Ginger Foot Scrub, Green Tea Foot Bath Salt)
A set of kelp foot creme, ginger foot scrub & green tea foot bathe all in one set.
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