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Unrefined Shea Butter  8oz
100% Unrefined Ghana Shea Butter. Helps blemishes, bumps, dark spots, marks & stretch marks. Helps even skin tone. Works well on dry skin. Also used for moisturizing hair & scalp. Naturally rich in vitamins A, E & F.
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Unrefined Shea Butter 5lbs
100% Unrefined Ghana Shea Butter. Nature's best for skin and hair
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Honey Oatmeal Soap 1lbs
Our oatmeal soap is popular with our customers because it is fresh, full of moisture, smells good with no fragrance. Generous in oatmeal, honey & unrefined shea butter. This oatmeal soap is gentle, moist, lathers well and full of luster. It has a very gentle exfoliate. It packs a generous amount of unrefined shea butter & sunflower oil which are awesome for skin. Pamper your skin with our fresh honey oatmeal soap. Helps soothe dry & itchy skin. Oh did we say we added unrefined shea butter? Your skin will thank you. Grab a sample.
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Kelechi Hair Oil 4oz
Kelechi Hair Oil is a plant based unisex product that may be used to condition and maintain moisture in hair. May help improve damaging hair & breaking hair due to improper care. Helps relieve general dandruff & itchy scalp. It helps in nourishing hair texture. Can be used on many types of hair including braids, locks, weaves, natural & permed hair. Kelechi Hair Oil is an excellent hair oil worth having. Used on most hair textures. It's great for a hot oil treatment to help strengthen and protect your hair. It can also be used after shampooing to give a nice sheen and softness. Available in 4 pure essential oil scents - Jasmine, Peppermint, Tangerine, Lavender. Kelechi is a light oil that includes plant oils & essential oils like almond oil, castor oil, wheat germ oil, olive oil & tea tree. An excellent oil worth having.
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Teawynn Shampoo 16 fl oz
All natural shampoo with no SLS, detergents or foaming agents. Lathers and foams with no addition of chemicals or synthetic agents Organic oils and pure essentials oils.
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Enansi Foot Butter with Eucalyptus 8oz
Enansi Foot Butter is simply delicious on your feet. Made with all natural ingredients of unrefined shea butter, aloe vera butter, sea kelp and eucalyptus oils. Enansi foot butter is easy to apply, moisturizes and soothes your feet.
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Enansi Green Tea Foot Bath Salt 32oz
Enansi Green Tea Foot Bath Salt will relax your tired and aching feet any day of the week. Made with Organic Grey Sea Salt, Green Tea & Lavender Blossoms & menthol. The essential oils from the Lavender Blossoms and the natural minerals from the Organic Grey Sea Salt will leave your feet warm and relaxed. Our foot bath salt does not contain chemicals or synthetic fragrances so you get the full benefit of the natural products as nature intended.
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