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Unrefined Shea Butter 5lbs
Nasabb's Unrefined shea butter is a natural product with no additives or fragrances. It's natural aroma is slightly smoky & nutty. Fresh shea butter, soft and creamy unrefined shea butter from Ghana. Great for skin and hair. 100% Unrefined Shea Butter. Pure raw unrefined shea butter. No additives no chemicals, all pure unrefined shea butter. Helps blemishes, bumps, dark spots, marks & stretch marks. Nature's best shea butter is used from head to toe. Effective on dry skin and hair. Also used for moisturizing hair & scalp. Naturally rich in vitamins A, E & F..Unrefined shea butter has many uses for skin and hair. Unrefined shea butter is nature's treasure that has been in existence for centuries. Our Unrefined Shea\ Butter 5lbs is one big chunk of unrefined shea butter. You can cut it up into containers. Not need to melt it as it cuts easily with a kitchen knife, Very economical and will last you a while. You can use it on your hair, skin, feet and hands. Our unrefined shea butter is the best unrefined shea butter on the market.
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Luvsage Lipz Lip Balm with Avocado & Sage 1oz
All natural lip balm for everyday use. Made with a very generous amount unrefined shea butter, avocado butter, sage essential oil mix & pure beeswax. Rehydrate and replenish your lips' natural radiance. Daily exposure to heat, cold, pollution, wind, or sunlight makes moisturizing your lips daily a must. Our lip balm is great for dry lips, chapped lips, ordinary lips, soft lips, rough lips and any other type of lips. Fits in your purse and comes in handy when you need a quick pick lip up lol. It lasts a long time. Keep your lips moisturized for a long stretch. No petroleum or mineral oil, no preservatives, no chemicals. We keep it simple with a punch straight from nature's best.
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Enansi Foot Butter with Eucalyptus 8oz
Enansi Foot Butter is simply delicious on your feet. Made with all natural ingredients of unrefined shea butter, aloe vera butter, sea kelp and eucalyptus oils. Enansi foot butter is easy to apply, moisturizes and soothes your feet.
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Enansi Green Tea Foot Bath Salt 32oz
Enansi Green Tea Foot Bath Salt will relax your tired and aching feet any day of the week. Made with Organic Grey Sea Salt, Green Tea & Lavender Blossoms & menthol. The essential oils from the Lavender Blossoms and the natural minerals from the Organic Grey Sea Salt will leave your feet warm and relaxed. Our foot bath salt does not contain chemicals or synthetic fragrances so you get the full benefit of the natural products as nature intended.
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