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How To Use & Store Shea Butter

Using shea butter - take the desired amount, rub into the palm of your hands until melted and apply to your skin or hair. Applying unrefined shea butter in small amounts several times a day is most effective. Do not apply shea butter on wet skin or wet hair. Towel dry first.
Texture Variations Due to Weather - During the winter, shea butter will be harder due to the cold. Let shea butter thaw out at room temperature before using. During the summer months, unrefined shea butter will be softer and will sometimes melt. Shea Butter will solidify once it comes to a lower temperature. The rest of the year, unrefined shea butter will be easier to use. Please bear in mind that shea butter is a tropical product adapting to western temperatures, so its nature may vary from season to season.

To store unused shea butter - wrap with saran wrap or place in a zip lock bag or in a container & store in a cool dry place. Shea Butter has a shelf life of 18 months to 24 months. It can still be used after that time but it will not be as effective. Do not leave unused shea butter in the sun or around any type of heat. It will continuously melt and solidify. Over time, this will change the texture and properties of your shea butter. DO NOT STORE YOUR BUTTER IN THE FRIDGE! DO NOT HEAT UNREFINED SHEA BUTTER IN ANY KIND OF PLASTIC. Always use glass or stainless steel containers.
Aroma of Unrefined Shea Butter - If you are not used to the natural aroma of unrefined shea butter, no problem. Remove the lid or wrapping of the shea butter and let it air out for several days or until you are satisfied. The natural aroma will diminish. Texture and potency will not change.NOTE -The natural aroma of the shea butter does not stay on your skin or hair when applied. Our unrefined shea butter is in it's raw natural state so it not scented unless otherwise stated.
Using and storing unrefined shea butter is not rocket science. Follow these basic steps and you will be alright.

Information on this website is not a diagnosis for any disease, condition or disorder. All information is solely for general skin & hair uses. All advice and information about our natural products are based on history and the experiences of many groups of people who have used these products.

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